Orbital Spacetech’s Ai Robot coming soon

There are so many incredible ways that machine learning and artificial intelligence are being employed in the background to influence our daily lives. Whether we’re attempting to read our emails, obtain driving instructions, or find music or movie recommendations, AI helps us in every aspect of our life. Robots are used in multiple areas, especially […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a multifaceted tool that allows individuals to revaluate how we combine information, analyse data, and apply the ensuing insights to improve decision-making. It is already revolutionizing every aspect of human life. Algorithms for artificial intelligence are created to make judgments, frequently using current data. They are not like passive machines that […]

Orbital Space Tech is coming to the Metaverse

What is Metaverse? The Metaverse is a made-up world. It is a network of 3D virtual environments with a strong emphasis on social interaction. Many believe the web is the sole global virtual world, supported by augmented reality and virtual headgear. The concept of a metaverse is not new. It was initially presented in the […]

The Space industry

The term “space industry” refers to the economic activities that are associated with the production of components that go into Earth’s orbit or beyond, the delivery of those components to those regions, and services that are related to those activities. Because of the prevalence of operations that are connected to satellites, several sources use the […]

Orbital Space Technology is Launching its first NFT collection. What exactly are NFTs?

The blockchain, the digital ledger that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum, is a digital database that is tied to non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Unlike NFTs, these assets are fungible, which means they can be swapped for another identical one of the same value. NFTs are not interchangeable, implying that no two NFTs are the […]

Neuro-link Development

OST is now working on creating a neural link implant that will be implanted surgically on the inside of a human skull shortly. This implant will have a design that is completely unique. Moreover, it will have room for a slot that can take a Micro SD card and will be able to give space […]